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I'm Benni - a true sound enthusiast with a passion for music. As a seasoned professional with 16 years of industry experience specializing in alternative rock and metal, I'll help you make your musical dreams come true.

As a musician, I know exactly how important it is to have the optimal sound to wow your fans. With my expertise in band recording, mixing and pre-mastering, I will help you get there faster and more efficiently.

I guarantee you 100% authenticity and a customized production: no presets or mass production!

This is about you and your music - because your sound is your personal brand.

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We are delighted with the result! (...) Music was also made, of course, and we have to give Benny a big shout out here. Here he responded very well to our sound and our wishes. The recorded songs speak for themselves. The process was well planned and there was a lot of laughter during the breaks and in general 🔥 That wasn't our last stay! Thank you for everything ! Ennolicious

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Domic from


I've had the pleasure of being a guest with Sabrina & Benni twice. The studio is spacious and very modern, there is nothing missing in the recording room or in the control room. It doesn't matter whether it's rock or hip-hop, both of my genres were recorded here in a highly professional manner and also produced afterwards. (...) both of them are extremely nice and accommodating, both times we got along really well and besides talking shop, we were also able to talk and laugh a lot about personal things (...) I can only warmly recommend the studio and I'm already looking forward to my next one Visit.

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Adam from


"(...) We booked the "all around sorglog" package, in which we stayed overnight in the adjoining rooms (...) That was a very good decision, as we can concentrate fully on the recordings (...) The recordings were very relaxed. We had the opportunity to experiment with Benni - the sound engineer - in order to record different versions of our songs. At one point or another he also gave us valuable feedback on our songs, which led to a more rounded listening experience overall.(...) Since we recorded 15 songs, we recorded the songs live and did not track each track individually.(...) I hope that we will have enough song material together this year, to tackle the next album and then of course again at the Inline Audio Studios in Kappelrodeck!

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Rene from








You make the music and I do the rest.

You stay in the creative environment of your rehearsal room and concentrate exclusively on the front end and your performance.

After you send me your recordings I check them for the right quality and give creative input already here if necessary.

The subsequent mix will provide the perfect basis for an outstanding master and your music will establish itself in every playlist.


Your success is my indicator.

You can fully concentrate on your performance and let your musician heart dangle.

Already during the recording you will massively enhance your songs with me and catch inspiration you haven't thought of yet.

Afterwards, my mixing and mastering will show you your songs in a version that lets you lean back relaxed in your armchair.

Here you can be sure that your music will be heard.


Get the maximum out of your production in the last meters.

You send me your mix, I check it for quality and already at this point you will take the first added value.

Through my fresh ears and my objective range approach, we will get the maximum sound out of your songs and bring them to a sought-after level.

Whether vinyl or playlist, your music will fit perfectly.

Kontakt & Anfahrt


We look forward to getting to know you and your project and helping it succeed.

Thank you very much! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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